We Believe That A Child…

is a gift from God to be treasured, nurtured, and appreciated as an individual. Our program is grounded in Christian values and strives to give each child a sense of well being. We offer our Preschool as a ministry to the community.

Our Story

Guilford Park Preschool was begun as a ministry to the community in 1984. From its inception, Guilford Park wanted to provide the best preschool environment for children to grow and develop into the potential they were created for. We do this by hiring teachers that are knowledgeable about child development and how to provide enriched, sensory, exploratory environments. All lead teachers, beginning in the 2’s classroom, must have a 4 year bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development. Our staff, through the director, stay abreast of the latest research and understanding of early childhood education. It is also important that every teacher has an appreciation for the uniqueness of each child and creates a place where the children feel embraced, loved and celebrated. You will find the teachers at Guilford Park Preschool are willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of every child.


Meet Our Teachers

Rebecca came to GPPS in 2005. She is a graduate of High Point University and taught for five years at Southwest Middle School where she was awarded Teacher of the Year. Rebecca creates an exciting environment in which to learn. Rebecca and her husband David have two daughters, Lauren and Sarah (2006 GPPS graduate). Rebecca enjoys spending time with her family as well as taking pictures and going to the beach.. Becca’s love of children is enormous and the GPPS family is extremely blessed to have her as our Director.
CAROLINE ASKEWOffice Assistant
Caroline has been a part of Guilford Park Preschool since 2001 serving on the preschool committee. She is also the sister of GPPS staff member Lowry Hill. A North Carolina native, she and her husband Mike met at UNC where she got her degree in Psychology. She has worked previously as an office manager and in customer service. Caroline and Mike have four children, Ann Margaret, Whitley, Aidan and Carter, who are all graduates of GPPS. Caroline brings the gifts of organization, friendliness and warmth.
NANCY JESSUPLead Teacher - Crib Room
Nancy joined our staff in 2000. She graduated from Appalachian State with a degree in Reading Education. Nancy loves spending time with the babies and creates a loving and language enriched environment for them during that
crucial first year. Her smile and soft-spoken gentleness puts the babies at ease very quickly. Nancy and her husband Benny have two grown children, Eric and Suzanne.
HEATHER BURRESSAssistant Teacher - Crib Room
Heather has been a volunteer and Guilford Park parent since November 2008. Her two boys are both graduates of GPPS. Heather has a degree in Social Work from UNCG. In the past, she has been a grief facilitator for parents who have lost children. She is currently the after school science teacher for Little Scholars. She has been our assistant teacher since 2015 and brings an easy calmness and love to the Crib Room.
MICHELLE LOWELead Teacher - Toddler Room
Michelle started with GPPS in 1998. She is known for her patience and understanding of developmental stages of toddlers, as well as her love for the individuality of each child. She has two Associates Degrees from the Fashion Institute of New York which helps her create an art and literacy enriched classroom. Michelle loves spending her spare time with her two sons, Casey and Kevin.
KAREN MCMICHAELAssistant Teacher - Toddler Room
Karen joined our staff in 2012. She had been an active member of the Preschool Committee as well as a frequent sub for us prior to joining the staff permanently. Karen majored in Elementary Childhood Education at UNC-Charlotte where she met her husband John. Along with patience and love, Karen brings an understanding of the development of toddlers to the classroom. She and John have two children Jillian and Anna (2010 GPPS graduate). In her spare time, Karen enjoys shopping, exercising, taking trips to the lake, and volunteering at her kids’ school.
JACKI SASLOWLead Teacher - 3 Day 2s
Jacki is our 3 Day 2’s lead teacher. Jacki has a degree in elementary education and has worked as a 5th grade teacher and Reading Specialist for the lower elementary (K-2) at Irving Park. She brings a knowledge of children’s development, a passion for teaching and a love of watching children grow into their potential. Jacki is a Guilford Park Preschool parent, having her son Ben and daughter Amelia attend and graduate.
NAN CIFANIAssistant Teacher - 3 Day 2s
Nan is our 3 Day 2’s assistant teacher. Prior to coming to Guilford Park, Nan was an assistant teacher at First Lutheran School for Young Children working with PreK, 3’s and 2’s. Nan has a degree in music performance and brings a
love of children and their unique gifts and curiosity to the classroom. We are excited about the talents that Nan shares with us.
SARAH THOMASLead Teacher - 2 Day 2s
Sarah has a degree in education and is certified to teach PreK-8th grade. She has been a K-2nd grade teacher for many years and more recently taught 2’s in a preschool in Virginia Beach. She understands the unique development of each child and tries to meet a child where they are. She believes in learning
through play and looks to provide multiple experiences with play. Her daughter Molly attended and graduated from GPPS. We are so fortunate to have Sarah bring her gifts to GPPS.
KELLY ADAMSLead Teacher - 2 Day 2s
Kelly has been both a mom and a sub here at preschool for several years. She and her husband Jason are the parents of 2 boys. Her youngest son Brody is a GPP graduate. Kelly brings to us a patience and understanding of the
differences in each child’s learning style. She enjoys entering into the child’s world with them.
REBECCA WILLOUGHBYLead Teacher - 4 Day 3s
Rebecca came to GPPS in 2005. She is a graduate of High Point University and taught for five years at Southwest Middle School where she was awarded Teacher of the Year. Rebecca creates an exciting environment in which to learn. Rebecca and her husband David have two daughters, Lauren and Sarah (2006 GPPS graduate). Rebecca enjoys spending time with her family as well as taking pictures and going to the beach.
LOWRY HILLAssistant Teacher - 4 Day 3s
Lowry started with us in 2005. She is known for appreciating each child’s unique personality. Lowry comes to us with a BA in Industrial Relations from UNC-CH. She was an active member of the Preschool Committee before joining the staff. Lowry and her husband Jeff have two children, Jackson and Kate who are both graduates of GPPS. Lowry’s favorite way of spending downtime is at the beach with her family.
MARILYN O'CALLAGHANLead Teacher - 3 Day 3s
Marilyn graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a BS degree in Elementary Education. She has taught Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade as well as Special Education and Title 1, in various states and schools. She has been with GPPS since 2004. Marilyn has two children and has lived in North Carolina since 1997. She brings a vast knowledge of various learning styles to the classroom.
ROBIN KIVETTAssistant Teacher - 3 Day 3s
Robin has been a part of Guilford Park since 2011 working as a sub and a 2-year old assistant.. She has been a gymnastics assistant with Fitness Flippers and a teacher in the MOPS and WOW preschool programs. Robin has a
business degree and a banking background, but found her true calling in the classroom. Robin brings the gift of love and appreciation of each child’s uniqueness.
BETH WILLIAMSLead Teacher - PreK
Beth joined our staff in 2008. She graduated from UNCG with a degree in Early Childhood Education, and has taught Kindergarten in the public schools. Beth began in our 2’s classroom and has been in our PreK for several years. Her wealth of knowledge about children’s development, her creativity and loving patience creates a stimulating learning environment for our PreK program.
MARY BROGDENAssistant Teacher - PreK
Mary is a nutritionist by training but has found her calling while teaching 2’s and 3’s for many years in the MOPS program and in a Bible study program. She has a love for preschoolers and their unique development. She enjoys being a part of their journey in discovering the world. Mary will be bringing
her love, enthusiasm and creativity to the children at GPPS.
Sharon returned to Guilford Park in 2013. Sharon has a degree in Birth—Kindergarten from UNC Greensboro. She has been an assistant teacher of 3s and a lead teacher of 2’s and PreK. She brings the gift of knowledge, love, patience and gentleness. Her classroom will be a calm, enriched, exciting environment. She creates a place where children thrive.
CARRIE IVEYAssistant Teacher - PreK
Carrie joined us in 2009. Carrie studied Biology at UNCG and was a Medical Assistant at Wesley Long Hospital. Carrie brings a quiet patience to the classroom. Carrie has two daughters, Kelsey and Paige, both graduates of
the preschool. Carrie loves spending time with her girls teaching them to garden and also enjoys cooking and reading.


“We love the care, love and nurturing environment GPP Preschool gives our little ones.”


“I love the loving and welcoming teachers and staff.  What a great place to start their education!”


“I love the positive, loving, inspiring, encouraging, faith based, supportive and energetic teachers and staff that make every school day special and meaningful!”


“We love the wonderful teachers!”



For more information and to take a tour of the preschool, please contact using the form below or call us at (336)282-6697